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March 4, 2008

Living Within Limits: A Collaboration With Nature



becky said...

What an amazing project, by all artists involved, including yourself. Brillant, beautiful, moving, truly inspirational...

very powerful in such an incredibly subtle way....

well done, Gust, well done!

Anonymous said...

F---ing awesome man!
Can't wait to see the exhibit!

Sean Watson said...


Beautiful work! You have out done yourself. I hope your ready for all the publicity this is going to create.

becky =) said...

Ben Huff wrote a beautiful post about our favorite Shawn Gust... If you have not seen it... go check it out!

Shawn, your work has obviously inspired so many and the time is well overdue for you to be recognized!

Good luck tonight and everyday!!!

Shawn Gust said...

Yeah Becky, I saw Ben's post a little earlier. Very kind words from him, indeed.

Anonymous said...

We went, we saw, we were blown away! Amazing show Shawntose! We are so very proud to say we knew you when...If you did not make the artists opening night it is a must see exhibit, up thru end of April.

...and yes we do have video in case you forget us little people:)