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March 7, 2008

Dear Chris,

That was real nice of you to pull that card last night at the artists' opening reception. And the comment "This was boring as hell. I've never seen so many fake people in one place." was very classy of you. As I said last night, these people have a very honorable and sincere agenda regarding human rights. Evidently you cannot understand this simple of concept. Also, I want you to know that when it comes to my kids, I am very passionate about fighting for my rights and theirs. I will defend them and these rights with every ounce of energy I can muster. If you don't like my position on this, Chris Booth, you can go fuck yourself.


becky said...

what the hell happened here????

Pod said...

why do people feel compelled to splurge out such negative rubbish? to quickly judge the depth (or lack of) another is less than intelligent and says so much about this booth character. rising above a lower lifeform shouldn't be very difficult for a fellow of your standing mr gust
love your recent creations

Anonymous said...

For the Shawntose fans who were unable to make the
"Living Within Limits: A Collaboration With Nature"
Artist's opening reception on March 6, 2008.
It was far from "boring". The images hanging in the gallery were all that was left of the experience that the artists created. For art that is only around until the sun melts it, Shawn Gust did an amazing job of capturing the emotion and effort that went into creating it all. It was inspiring to hear Shawn speak about his involvement in not only the documentation of the artist work but how he too became part of the process.

It is difficult to explain the look of intrigue and awe that was so obvious throughout the standing room only crowd at the Human Rights Education Institute. I can assure you there was nothing "fake" about what that crowd had to say.

We were all there to support not only our mutual friends who were involved in the project but to support the whole idea of nature, and the survival of nature. (at least most of us were).

I do appreciate an individual having an opinion on art, however if you are an acquaintance of a key speaker at an exhibit and all you have to say is negative moronic jibberish just to be spiteful, keep it to yourself. If you can not keep it to yourself, at least have enough social graces to take it outside like a real man.