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November 20, 2008

Funding Needed

David Wright emailed me the other day to ask if I could help spread the word for him in his fund raising efforts for an upcoming trip.

Here is what David has to say bout the trip.

"In January 2009 I leave Maine for Alebtong, Uganda, where I will spend
two months volunteering and photographing for A River Blue, a non-profit arts empowerment project for the children of internally-displaced persons in Northern Uganda. I will be using my large format camera to photograph the people and landscape for a traveling exhibition and book that will be used raise funds for A River Blue and be announced in the spring/summer of 2009."

A chance to support a great photographer with a meaningful project. A beautiful print of your choice in exchange for your donation. Take your pick here.

© David Wright

Field, Tree, and Moon, Cushing, Maine, 2007

Negative Made 2006, Printed 2008

Limited Edition of 20, Signed & Numbered, Pigmented Ink Print

6.8″x8.5″ Image Size, 8″x11.5″ Paper Size

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