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February 9, 2008

I'm currently working on a documentary style project about two collaborative artists that are working with nature, making art in nature much in the spirit of Andy Goldsworthy. The project is being done for The Human Rights Education Institute and in connection with The Nature Conservancy. This project is demanding as a photographer. I am the only photographer on site. No assistants. 12 hour days, lugging heavy Pentax 67 gear (among other gear)around in waste deep snow at times, which, by the way, is now turning to slush. It's hard work, it's what we do. The projects are going well so far, but it takes a whole day to complete the larger scale projects, like today. Like the rest of the project so far, I assisted in gathering materials, logistics, and construction. Today I documented and assisted in the making of a 6-7 foot handmade basket installation. It was quite and undertaking. I am not a major contributor to the art directly, but what I do help with is quite rewarding. My job is to make not only photographs, but also a time lapse-based video project that, in conjunction with one another, will make an exhibit. This is especially demanding on me because the art will be absorbed by nature and that means that the documentation that I provide will be the only record of the project after the fact. The exhibit will show in the early part of March. More of this project will come at that time. Until then, I leave you with this:

This morning was early. 6:10 AM: I arrived at the site a little early
and groggy. It was still quite dark. While I waited for the others to arrive I took the time to make this photograph. A bit departed in style from the rest of how I've been working, but a nice first photo of the day.

Cougar Bay Preserve Sunrise . 2008


Becky =) said...

The project sounds quite fascintating.... Maybe I'll be around in early March to see some of it.

Nice picture & light painting....

B =I said...

fascinating.... my spelling is special too!

Jocie said...

Beautiful light painting.