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January 29, 2008

Pause, to Begin | A Photography Competition

A while back I posted about a photography competition called pause, to begin. Last night I received an email from Ethan and David looking for help to spread the word. The website has been updated and it looks wonderful. There is also a new blog to keep up with info on the competition and photography in general. The purpose of the competition as it relates to the title:

"The word "pause" implies a stop to see, feel, and understand what one
is photographing. We believe that by pausing the true potential of a
photograph can be realized, discovered, and expanded upon. This
allows one to "begin" to explore one's own photography."

Get it together and apply now. It's about time I keep my promise to do so.


Ethan said...


Looking forward to your application.

Ian Aleksander Adams said...

Thanks for sharing.

I'm really enjoying looking through your blog, shawn.