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October 23, 2007

pause, to begin

I found the site pause, to begin today (by way of this post). Founded by Ethan Aaro Jones and David Jonathan Wright, this looks to be a great venue for photographers who are earnestly dedicated to the process in which we photogs work. Furthermore, these fellas recommend that those who apply set aside a day when they can come visit with you in person. Amazing! I plan to apply. Do you?


Pod said...

what a fantastic idea.....sadly it will be a bit of a drive to come and visit pod

Ethan said...

Just so everyone knows, it does not matter where you live, we will still plan on visiting you. Thank you for linking to our site. Check back for more updates as more details of the project are coming soon.

I strongly encourage everyone to apply.


Aline said...

I'm so excited by this concept--thanks for letting us know about it...