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January 9, 2008


Working on a small group of images of Jacob. Here are the first few.

Among Snow and Trees . 2008

At The Bar . 2008

Lake Shack . 2008

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Anonymous said...

Among the snow and trees is a beautiful image, there is an incredible depth and a feeling of isolated winter magic. I like the perspective of how large the trees are in comparison to Jacob, I like that he is wearing a white / red coat, as the subject and being the smallest object, I like that the red grabs the eye immediately. The image has a powerful yet subtle dramatic balance.

Lake Shack would be my 2nd choice. To me it has the quality of a novel cover, a story foreshadowing the life and experiences of a man who was once a boy.... I love the nostalgic atmosphere and the lighting enhances this mood. A season depicting a right of passage.

and last but certainly not least. Still a great portrait, you certainly have an eye for balance. Again I really like the perspective here. At the bar? At least he's outside, I can't imagine that you allow him to drink just yet... (teasing)

As usual Shawn, very impressive work here!