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March 28, 2007

Making Knives

Here are some photos that I made the other day showing the first couple of steps in the making of a knife. Specifically, a hunting-style knife. The handles for these knives are the wide, flat pieces that are being sanded and adhered to the pre-made blades (not all of the knives being made in this workshop use pre-made blades). Once the epoxy is set, the handles will be shaped. These blade handles can be made of many materials, but the craftsman here uses horn (deer, elk, bison, etc.) most of the time.

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rach said...

Your avoidance of the knife-maker's face is kind of mysterious... who is this guy? what does a knife-maker look like? - keeping the focus on the hands & knives starts to add mystery to the shot, but your sequential shots, almost documentary style, lend themselves more to illustrations in a textbook...