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November 5, 2009

Dreamboats Collective

I had an email the other day from Daniel Shea announcing the launch of a new agency called Dreamboats Collective. Here is an intro from his newsletter about the project:

"Dreamboats Collective is a new photography agency, founded and run by its members, featuring the work of Adam Golfer, Joe Leavenworth, TJ Proechel, and Daniel Shea. We intend to add to the growing disambiguation between working personally and working editorially. As a collective, we are focused on creating a self-sustaining network of distribution and support for the creation of new photographic works."

© Joe Leavenworth

© Daniel Shea

©TJ Proechel

© Adam Golfer

Their concept here is an important one to me as I have personally struggled a bit in keeping up with my art while working to survive. It is always refreshing, and inspiring, when a new effort like this comes onto the scene.

In addition to encouraging the continued "creation of new photographic works," these guys will be offering limited edition prints at an affordable price. The launch is accompanied by an exhibit that opens tonight in New York. There are some damn fine photographs so far. Have a look!

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Daniel Shea said...

Shawn, I somehow just saw this, thanks so much for the shout-out!