organic chemistry {noun} the chemistry of carbon compounds (other than simple salts such as carbonates, oxides, and carbides)

September 16, 2009


Blue Cadillac . 2008
From the series "the dream of becoming King"
© Shawn Gust

The above image is now available as a limited edition photograph over at 52 Editions beginning today. The image will be featured on the home page of the site for one week, and then will remain available permanently in the catalog area or until sold out. If you haven't checked out the site yet, go now. Among the participating artists to date are Matthew Brandt, Kristopher Stallworth, Seza Bali, and Paul Adams.

During the featured week, each edition of 275 is available at the amazing price of $45 unframed or $125 framed. Following the first seven days, the catalog price for an unframed print is $75. Collect me!

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