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December 29, 2008

Limited Edition Print Sale

I've decided to make some limited edition prints available here on the blog. I am offering five 11x14 prints in editions of 25. The prints are from a project I worked on last winter with the Human Rights Education Institute that is titled "Living Within Limits: A Collaboration with Nature". We here in North Idaho have had over 80 inches of snow in the last two weeks and I am feeling like these images are an appropriate offering. With this first sale, I am going to make a donation to HREI for their work. 50% of all print sales will go to aid in future projects for the organization. How can you beat that? So get art, help out.

Ron Gathering © Shawn Gust 2008

Sapphire © Shawn Gust 2008

Moving Straw © Shawn Gust 2008

Reeds Bundled © Shawn Gust 2008

Vine Braid © Shawn Gust 2008

**UPDATE** These editions are beautiful digital C-prints. There is no charge for shipping in the USA. Please allow a few weeks for delivery.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think this is a fantastic idea. It would also be a great idea if you rotated some of your other images from the project in as well as limited editions, and maybe even the video, it was so beautiful!!!!! For those who did not see the exhibit, there are so many inspiring and beautiful images from this project! And the donation is very generous!!!!

Good luck Mr. Gust