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December 3, 2008

Jeremy . Arborist . 2008

1969 . El Dorado . 2008

Michaela . Coeur d'Alene . 2008

All Images © Shawn Gust 2008


food for thought said...

I am seeing an interesting shift in your portraits over time. This is natural of course with all photographers, styles & motives are always in motion.

Although, this shift seems to be fairly selective and does not extend evenly over the entirety of your portrait work. Your portraits are still concise, but this shift adds a complex dynamic to your portfolio. Without saying what shift I am seeing, I wonder. . .

Is this something that you are aware of? What are your thoughts on this? It is always fascinating to see what changes shape how an artists sees and documents his environment and all that exists within it in an Art form.

Kirk said...

Love the arborist pic. Do I know him? was he at Celestes St Patrick Day Party a few years ago?

Great work.

Shawn Gust said...

The arborist was working with a crew at my neighbors house and I thought he was an interesting looking guy. He was kind enough to take a couple of minutes out of his work to allow me to make this portrait.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts too. Ryan has a twin!