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October 8, 2008

Lone Lake . Idaho Panhandle National Forest

Fall . Lone Lake . Idaho . 2008

Over Growth . Lone Lake . Idaho 2008

Nick . Idaho Panhandle National Forest . 2008


Kirk Mastin said...

Love love love the portrait of Nick.

What's the story behind it?

Shawn Gust said...

Thanks Kirk. This was shot at the trailhead to Lone Lake Sunday. It was wet and he had this great camouflage rain gear. I HAD to make an image.

ambertose said...

Shawn - great pic of Babak in the press. Thanks! It was nice meeting you. I enjoyed seeing your photos on here, and I especially liked the header photo. Where is that, with the two men carrying the straw? Also, how did you get your "shawntose" name for your blog?

Shawn Gust said...


Thanks for the kind words about the photo of Babak and those found on this blog. If you want go to the blog archive button on the bottom right of the page and go to February, you will find more information of this project. Shawntose is nickname (that stuck) I was given from a chef I used to work with many years ago. I'll be in to visit you again for some of that amazing food!