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August 27, 2008

A kid's fame

The Helm Gallery

Unfortunatley, I missed the opening. But I hear the turn ot was good. About 120 people. Anyway, last weekend I was able to go to Tacoma and see the group show - Fresh Salad. I met up with some friends in Seattle and we all went to check it out. It was fantastic.

The work of Joseph Peila

Joe Peila (who curated the exhibit wonderfully)
Omer Hecht
Trevor Powers
Elizabeth Weinberg
(& Myself - You are Here)

Robin and Kirk

Omer to the right; Elizabeth to the left

Trevor Powers graffiti artists

I'd like to thank Robin and Kirk for their hospitality and for giving me a place to crash and taxi-ing me around the city. And it was nice to visit with Rebecca over the weekend. Thank you guys for the support. I had a great time.

It was nice to finally see some of my images next to other artists' work in print form. This feeling stil fresh with me, when something strange happened this morning. I opened the paper and saw a familiar face. No big deal right? I mean, working for the newspaper you see familiar faces all the time. But this was different. It is the story that goes with the face.


"Task force seeks man on drug-related charges"
"..This is a no-bond warrant and is extraditable nationwide..."

His name....Tab....I know that name....

This kid is experiencing little ill-balanced fame and probably doesn't have the foggiest....

He is the passenger.

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elizabeth weinberg said...

thanks for the photos of this!