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April 15, 2008

"It is with great pleasure....."

Wow. I made the final selction of fifteen photogs. That's some pretty impressive company. This was in my inbox last night.

"Dear Shawn,

It is with great pleasure that the Pause, to Begin team congratulates
you on your acceptance to participate in the inaugural year of our
project. Your portfolio was selected from an enormous number of
applications from all over the globe. We commend you for your
photographic vision and creativity!

In the coming months your work will be exhibited in our online
gallery, in an exhibition, and in a limited edition hard bound book
published by Booksmart Studio in Rochester, NY. Additionally, you
will be featured in a Pause, to Begin documentary created by
international filmmaker Bruno Toré.

In the next week we will be contacting you to schedule a time and date
when we can come meet you in order to learn more about your work. We
ask that you please begin to look ahead to the month of May so that
you will have a sense of what days you will be available.

Again, congratulations. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Ethan and David"


Liz said...

Way to go, Shawn!

justin visnesky said...

congrats shawn! this is much deserved.

ben huff said...

nice! congrats Shawn.

Patrick Romero said...

that's truly awesome! congrats..

Brian said...

I'll say it too - way to go!

Pod said...

go get 'em gusto!

Sigurjon said...

Great news and well deserved! Congratulation!

Kirk Mastin said...


(the inflection of the word you will have to imagine, but let's call it surprised happiness for your awesome accomplishment)