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January 6, 2008

The Owl Rescue

So it's been raining the last few days and most of the snow was washed away. That was until this morning. We got a few inches of fresh snow. The boys went out to do some sledding in the field just a few hundred yards away from the house. Not five minutes went by when Izak came rushing into the house excited about something. He came in and told me that Jacob had found an owl and that it couldn't fly, but was trying. So I went out to check it out. After several phone calls to dispatch, I finally reached someone that knew who to call, but there was no response from the off duty fish and game officer. Being Sunday, all state and county offices are closed. A family friend works for the fish and game department and since the dispatch was not answered, we called him. He will be here in a while. I figure it was hit by a car traveling the interstate not more than a half mile away from where the owl was found. So....we helped this bird. Hopefully it's injuries are not fatal.


Expression.Exploration.Inspiration. said...

wow, what an adventure for your boys. It is so rare to see a Great Horned Owl. I hope that the injuries are minor. Will there be a follow up on the Owl's recovery?


Kirk Mastin said...

Poor owl!

I like owls.

Shawn! Post some pics of me! Pleaaasseee!