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January 21, 2008

More Winter From Here

I've never been able to make many images during the winter months. At least none that I would consider worthwhile. It's always been a thing for me. This year I told myself to overcome this visual block. I don't know if I've overcome it, but I'm making images that have some purpose to them (or maybe to me). This process has provided a sense of consciousness for me that is like waking after being kicked the shit out of. I will have a website this year, it's not so far away, I promise. Many of the images I've made in the last few months will belong to an ongoing catalog of personal work titled "Regaining Consciousness". Some contenders perhaps.....

Crosswalk . CdA, ID . 2008

Tree with Lights and Cords . CdA, ID . 2008

Blinds and Shades . CdA, ID . 2008

Jacob . Lacrosse Ave . CdA, ID . 2008

Red In Snow . CdA, ID . 2008

All Images © Shawn Gust . 2008


ben huff said...

all of these are strong Shawn.

i, like you, have made more of an effort with the low light this winter. cussing less and shooting more.

Becky said...

The crosswalk image is by far my favorite of these.....
Great job.... to overcome visual obstacles, and hopefully you don't actually know what it feels like to have the shit kicked out of you.... =)

Looking forward to that website.