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December 15, 2007

Dreams of Space Travel

Izak . 2007

So Izak is completely into space. He wants to go to into space more than anyone else I know. It's a subject often imagined in our household. Of course many things will change for him (he's not yet eight), but he honestly hopes to be an astronaut. And the thing is........I think he just might follow that dream! It's this kind of young, free-spirited, and excited energy that keeps me going in so many ways.


Becky said...

Check these sites out..... It is great to encourage your children to dream and by starting now, they really will have the world at their fingertips later on!!!!

It is our jobs as parents to help them achieve their dreams and help them with the resources as they grow! Even if next year he wants to be a firefighter!

By the way, the image of your son is beautiful and so very inspirational!

Kirk Mastin said...

Hi Shawn,

I thought you may enjoy this blog. This guy is a street fashion photographer in the most literal sense, but he really takes some inspiring portraits. And it look like he produces about ten of them a day.

I'll be in CDA in a few days. I want to hang out! Also want to talk about your film ideas.


Pod said...

beautiful in so many ways!