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November 30, 2007

Win some, Lose some

So I got the few last sheets of film back from the lab this week. I made some good portraits during the trip to California. One of many pit stops along the way was in Goshen, CA. We stopped just off the highway for a stretch and Thor smoked. Leila and I played a bit. A couple of phone calls and a photograph later we were on the road for another few hours.

Leila . Goshen, CA . 2007

Mike and Thor used to work for my uncle. Iron workers. We made time to stop and see Mike Thursday morning before we met with Liz in L.A. Mike took the day off and we chilled at his place for an hour or so. A very hospitable fellow, he helped unwind with some good conversation and spirits. Mike's two Rottweilers made some new friends as well. As we realized our time there was coming to an end, I asked for a photograph. Mike kindly replied in the affirmative.

Mike . Lancaster, CA . 2007

One shot that I'd hoped would've turned out did not. It was a long shot anyhow, no pun intended, as the exposure was two seconds. Sometimes we try to beat the odds. Where would we be if we didn't try? I especially hoped for this one because it was surrounded with story and it was one of only two images I made while in L.A. My efforts failed. The second of the two images did turn out. My brother and Leila and I met with Liz Kuball for a sandwich and some conversation. After the time out of the truck, and a cold beer, it was time for a photo. Memo was a cool lot attendant and was willing to have his photo made. It's just that he couldn't sit still for the two second requirement. What else could a guy do but to make another image? I have to thank Liz for allowing to be my subject.

Liz . Los Angeles, CA . 2007

Finally, when we arrived in San Diego, it was late and time for sleep. We soon did. the next morning was up for coffee and to work. Packing, loading, moving. As we mad it through the day, I realized I son;t really have any photographs of my sister. She allowed me to make this portrait of her in the last hours in a place I know she'll return someday. Leaving this house, but not this city.

Freya . Lemon Grove, CA . 2007


Anonymous said...

I really love the one of your sister, Shawn. I think that's one of my all-time favorite images of yours, actually.

I'm bummed the one of Memo didn't turn out. Win some, lose some, as you said.

I'm coming to like the one you made of me more than I did when I first saw it. I don't think I ever look quite so pensive and dark (Shelly calls it my biker-gang look) as I do in that shot, but it makes me look like I've got a whole lot on my mind, doesn't it? And they say photography doesn't lie. . . . ;) Seriously, thanks again for giving me the chance to have my portrait made by you. It meant a lot.

Pod said...

love the one of liz....always funny how you picture someone from their little avatar pic, then you see another image, and they look totally different. in response to liz, i see an underlying sense of humour in the shot of you instead of pensiveness....

Federico said...

First time I comment here, I think. I agree with Liz, the one of your little sister is a superb picture! Absolutely loved it.