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November 19, 2007

Nearly 3100 Miles in 116 Hours

I returned last night from a quick trip (powered by whiskey) to San Diego to help my sister move back to Idaho. I rode with my brother and his daughter on the way down. It was a lot of miles in a short amount of time. Everything went , for the most part, without incident. I haven't seen my sister and her children very much over the last few years and it is nice to have them back here. I have some stories that I will tell of this trip in future posts. (Liz that includes you) For now, here are some snapshots of things along the way.

Truck trailer the night we left.

Sunrise after a frigid night sleeping in the Suburban about 50 south of Biggs, Oregon.

Thor driving the second morning as we approach Bend, Oregon early in the morning. Sorry Becky, I did not know we would be in Bend.

Some cow-anteater thing along Hwy 97 somewhere near Crescent, Oregon.

One of the best road trippers I've ever had the pleasure of riding with. Two and a half year old Leila.

Two gulls in a lake (or reservoir?) at a beautiful park somewhere near the Oregon/California border.

A shout out to Mark (pictured) and Jeremy for putting us up in Oakdale, California. Thanks for breakfast Mark!

Finally in San Diego at my sister's place. She and Thor and Leila visit on the back porch.

The smoking beard.

Surfboards in the garage.

O.K. so this is the beast that ran like a top the whole time. And the other half is the trailer of belongings that made it safely about 1500 miles from it's place to a new home. Some of these things have made this trip already.

Jonny poses for a photo op in a Utah parking lot.

At Superior, Montana Alexis catches snow flakes on her tongue. This is something she hasn't done for a few years.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you made it back safe and sound with so many great photos from the road.

See you in Idaho sometime!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you drove thru Bend..... without calling or something! I see how I rate! You know my house is only a few miles from the highway....

I'm glad that you had a safe trip!