organic chemistry {noun} the chemistry of carbon compounds (other than simple salts such as carbonates, oxides, and carbides)

October 31, 2007

Tonight: Shotgun Space

Nicole Antebi
Michael Beck
Yves Bodson
Elizabeth Dierker
Martin Diekhoff
Leslie Doyle
Molly Garvey
Shawn Gust
Melanie Heston
Ian Hunter
Andres Janacua
Liz Kuball
Jon Mapel
Lydia Marcus
Renee Martin
Angela Marklew
Johanna Reed
Josh Ross
Star Rosencrans
Jennifer Secord
Michael Segal
Larry Siemens
Aline Smithson
Catherine Stebbins
David Stone
Maya Tasaka
Phil Taylor
Jacqueline Trong
Charity Vargas
Greg Wasserstrom
Michael Werner


cnephoto said...

And to think we knew you when...
(Way back when you had time to go to a MM show!)
Congrats on yet another big step in your photography career.

Calvin said...

Great photography, I got here via Jpg.

Pod said...

the only way is up mr gust!