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October 9, 2007

Eagle Cliff Peak, Montana

Sunday a group of photogs and I embarked on a hike in the Bitterroot Mountains on the Idaho/Montana border. We did not reach the summit of the peak as there was about a foot of snow along the trail. I've summited and repelled this peak once before, but not this day. On the return trip home we looped back over Thompson Pass via Hwy 200. Photographs of the adventure follow.

Sun burning through the weather along the trail.

Chic, Cliff Lake, Bitterroot Mountains, MT

Phil, Diamond Lake, Bitterroot Mountains, MT

A stop at a trailhead in Lolo National Forest.

Rocks and Lolo National Forest.

Fall grasses, Idaho.

Fall grasses, Idaho.

A grove of fall Aspen, Idaho.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Black & White! The photo of mountain man screams of EMOTION! That photo says to me cur·mudg·eon... a bad-tempered, difficult, crusty irascible cantankerous old person.

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you sure that isn't a grove of "larch"????

Shawn Gust said...

Don't you mean tamarack?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes... sorry "tamarack?

I walked through a grove of "tamarack" yesterday morning actually, and had to chuckle a bit.... =)

Anonymous said...

oh, I mean Aspen... it is so hard to tell.... well, they were yellow, that is for sure...!