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September 4, 2007

To Art School or Not To Art School?

There is some very delicious food for thought over on Mr. Alec Soth's blog regarding art school and the validity of such of an environment. There are many points on which to ponder this subject. I think the discussion will be interesting. I did not attended college, and I think that I might have missed out on some experiences and maybe could have gained certain knowledge. On the other hand, jumping into the workforce had it's practical advantages. I've had many jobs like this, this, for a short time, this, and, currently, this. All of which have taught me much about life and what I want to do for a career and for myself, speaking of art. Now I am learning, through life, what and where want to be headed. O.K., so the discussion is more about whether or not art can be, or should be taught. But it got me thinking.....Have a read of the post. I'm anxious to hear more on this discussion.

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