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May 30, 2007

The Archives

I often post photographs of work in progress. Well, today I went a few years back into the archives and found some gems for your viewing pleasure.


ben huff said...

love the 3rd photo!

Caitlin said...

what kinds of lens/settings did you use for the third picture? very nice work.

Shawn Gust said...

Sorry Caitlin, I'm not sure how old your comment is. I don't go back into the blog archives too often. To answer your question...Mamyia M645 with 80mm f2.8 Very fun little camera-some of the sharpest lenses Mamyia made for that outfit! If I had to remember the camera settings...wide open about 1/125th or so(?). Anyway, it was a good camera but like many cameras it's life was cut short from my bag. Thanks for looking!