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April 17, 2007

Self Portrait

Midnight Hydration

This self portrait tells more about me than just looking into my eyes and glancing the soul. Here a bit more of the day-to-day is revealed. I've always thought that one could learn much from a reefer or pantry.


Anonymous said...

true... the contents of one's fridge can say a lot about a person day to day and one's eating habits... can say a lot about someone... are the shelves neat and tidy? are they full of stale and molding food? mostly healthy or unhealthy choices... do you categorize the contents? See, I think this might give some insight into the day to day behaviors... sure, behaviors are shaped by the constraints of our environment and availability to real day to day "things" as well as the contents of one's fridge is greatly affected by the cost of food, how many people live in the household, and so if there are more than 1 living in the house a fridge then represents the habits of the family whole... not the individual...

but the eyes... they tell a story much deeper - intimate and completely individual - the soul is the foundation of everything, therefore, the eyes tell so much more than the contents of one's fridge.

...and finally, only a true photographer would think to take a self portrait at the fridge in the middle of the night - especially only in his pajama pants!!!! hats off to you!!! ;)

Leavenworth Cheesemonger said...

My what a fine selection of cheese you have there!