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April 3, 2007

Our Work

Aaron, bicylce restorer

Bernadette, bartender

Bill, auto salvage

George, used book dealer

In addition to Adolescence, I am also working on a project based on the work that we do. This project is as much about the job and the workspace as it is about people.


Calendal said...

Your pictures are much impressive.
Just like anyone I like to carry my camera on specific days, I didn't do it for some time now. I used to think that photography was my call,
I'm glad I realized it was not when I compare my early shots to the quality and originality of yours.
Thank you for this point of vue about the world around us.

Rach said...

Great distribution of green masses in the bike dealer's photo. The combination of cool greens with his facial expression is great!

The bar top with ashtrays is my favorite part of Burnadette's photo. The lights and atmosphere are a perfect match for the matte-plastic looking tabletop of the bar.

rach2 said...

I like how you positioned the salvage guy's head between the wheels of the top vehicle. The expression on his face says "auto salvage loner" ... of coure, his dog seems to empathize.

The book dealer is my least favorite for the "work" series, just because it seems to focus too much on the inner person, not on the work environment. The full-body poses at more of a distance seem to reveal more about the person in their work setting, and simultaneously give us more info about the type of work they do & their environment. I'd like to see you redo the book dealer guy, just because I keep looking at it thinking, "great portrait, but is he at home, or in an office library, ...??)

Portrait Fan said...

I wouldn't pay any attention to the negative comments of 'Rach'. This person is obviously too wrapped up in the surroundings of the subject in the photo and not paying attention to the subject itself. The beauty of your work is in the honesty of the subjects. Their expressions tell you the entire story without having to show the detail of the world around them. I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Good call portrait fan...
I agree!!!!!
your work is very impressive...
keep it up!